Our systems have so many incredible benefits for both you and your livestock.


Heatguard is an innovative development in polycarbonate sheeting which limits heat build-up through the sheet whilst transmitting natural light. It is ideal in any situation where natural light is required.

It is a 6mm triple wall corrugated sheet which also has a co-extruded layer on the outside surface which forms a barrier, resistant to the detrimental effects of the UV light, maintaining the sheets mechanical properties.

Weighing only 2kg/m2, Heatguard has a very high strength to weight ratio. This lower self-weight as means there are savings to be gained in terms of building costs, installation and labour by supporting structures do not need to be quite so heavy as it would be if a different product was used.

Heatguard is made to order as can be manufactured in any length up to 5 meters with heat sealed ends. This allows for less wastage on sheet overlaps.


High Light Transmission

Excellent Heat Reduction

livestock productivity


Faster installation


Corrosion Free


98% harmful uv rays blocked

Thermally Insulated

Energy Savings

Flexible / Impact resistant

High strength to weight ratio

improves animal welfare

Triple wall construction